IT Consulting

Investing in your Business IT systems is an important decision and it needs to be right. Whether it’s migrating to a new system, integrating new software solutions to improve business productivity, or making sure your business is protected against the unthinkable, our IT infrastructure consultancy services will ensure you make the correct decisions every step of the way, maximising your financial investment and ensuring progressive IT business systems improvement.

Our many years of combined expertise can advise on the delivery of robust business IT systems including Server infrastructure, end user equipment management, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions. BrainTrips will be able to support your business now and in the future, keeping implementation and maintenance costs on budget and your business operations productive.

BrainTrips can also offer ‘bespoke’ one-off consultancy and assistance to work alongside your internal IT function. Our focused areas of expertise may be leveraged by companies that already have a strong internal IT presence but require focused support in certain areas of infrastructure support during major IT upgrades or support with outsourced packaged IT projects.